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6 Exciting Activities for Screen-Free Family Fun

6 Exciting Activities for Screen-Free Family Fun

This August is National Family Fun month! If you’ve never heard of it, now is the perfect year to start celebrating. This month is a great chance to take a break and spend some quality time with your kids before they go back to school. It is also about immersing you and your family in the world around you.

At Jooki, we are celebrating this month screen-free of course! Here are 6 exciting activities for screen-free family fun.


1. Picnic at the park with Jooki


There is nothing like a family picnic nestled in nature. Find a peaceful spot in your local area with fresh air and open space to enjoy the environment as the weather turns to Autumn.

If it is still too hot, try a breakfast picnic to get out in the early morning and avoid the crowds. You can fill your basket with easy breakfast foods such as toast, jam, boiled eggs, muffins, yogurt, and applesauce.

Don’t forget to bring Jooki with you to soundtrack your picnic with happy tunes! You can associate the tokens and figurines to your own mp3 files and play your songs without internet connection. Show us your family time with Jooki in the park by tagging us on Instagram with and #jookirocks!


2. Start a family recipe book

If your family doesn’t have a recipe book yet, now is a great time to start this wonderful tradition.

You can include your easiest and most commonly used recipes as well as your special occasion dishes. When your children grow up, they will have fond memories of these meals. With each recipe, you can write a few lines about how the dish connects you together. For example, an apple crumble recipe could say that the crumble is a sweet accompaniment to grandpa’s after-dinner jokes!

The kids can add their doodles and drawings to the recipes, and you can also include pictures of your kitchen creations. This recipe book will be a heartwarming keepsake that your children can pass down to the next generations.


3. Go to the beach

End the summer in a relaxing way by going to the beach – a day of building sandcastles and frolicking in the water. You can pack a ball and play beach soccer for added family fun. You could also draw hopscotch in the sand, using a seashell as a marker, or start a collection of any unique seashells that you find.

Remember to bring Jooki! Show how your family enjoys Jooki at the beach by tagging us on Instagram with and #jookirocks!


4. Gather items to donate to a shelter

Help your kids start the new school year fresh by spreading kindness. Gather your gently used clothes and toys and donate them to a local shelter. When you drop off the donations as a family, you will show your kids how they can bring happiness to others when sharing their belongings. Alternatively, you can make care packages to donate. Check with each individual shelter to see what they are most in need of.

This act of service will inspire your kids to continue giving back to the community. Helping others releases serotonin, which can improve any back-to-school woes.


5. Host a talent show

A great way to encourage your kids’ artistic abilities is to host a talent show. Whether they like singing, dancing, acting, or magic, encourage your kids to show case their skills and create a fun environment for exploring talent. You could set up a stage in your living room or take it to the backyard. The adults can join too to share their special talents with the family. Performing in front of the ones they love the most will be a peak experience that will create happy memories for your children.


6. Go camping

There is no better way to take a break from technology and screens than by venturing into the great outdoors for a camping trip. After a day of hiking and exploring, you can gather everyone around a campfire to tell stories, sing songs, and roast marshmallows. The isolation of camping can really bring your family together and help you bond in new ways. If going to a campsite is too far, you can even set up tents in your own backyard!


For this month, use your imagination, spend quality time with your family, and have fun together!

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