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The Best Disney Playlist on Spotify

The Best Disney Playlist on Spotify

Are you a Disney-loving family? We have some great news. We've compiled the best Disney playlist on Spotify just for you.

Who doesn’t love a bit of Disney magic? Since Walt Disney Studios' first fully animated feature film, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” hit the big screens in 1937, we've enjoyed hit after hit. Disney knows how to pull at our heartstrings, inspire us, and get us singing along. There’s a reason why so many of us adore Disney. Whether we’re kids — or kids at heart — these movies and their songs hold a special place in our hearts.

Because we could all use a little more Disney in our lives, we’ve decided to compile the best Disney playlist on Spotify. We’ve also compiled the playlist into a real Spotify playlist to make your lives easier — link it to a Jooki figurine and enjoy one hour of incredible Disney music.

1. Part of Your World — The Little Mermaid

Kids have loved “The Little Mermaid” since the day it premiered. The movie centers on a spirited, headstrong teenager as she tries to carve out her own path in life, battling an evil sea witch — and even her dad, at times! “Part of Your World” is a classic and deserves a spot on any Disney playlist. Disney fans will be interested to know that this song almost didn’t exist. The original plan was to have a song expressing Ariel's romantic feelings for Prince Eric, but the decision was made to write a song that explored her fascination with the human world, as it served the plot better.

2. Touch the Sky — Brave

“Brave” is a film featuring an independent woman who wants to live her life, making her own choices. She feels confined by the pressures of being a princess and being expected to marry at a young age. This song perfectly captures Merida’s spirit and nature. It’s liberating and inspiring, and your children will love to sing along.

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3. When Will My Life Begin? — Tangled

“Tangled” is a modern retelling of Rapunzel. In this version, Rapunzel is being kept prisoner by a woman she thinks of as her mother, but she’s eager to explore the world outside her tower. “When Will My Life Begin?” is an upbeat song, but it expresses frustration and impatience with her current life and an eagerness to start living.

4. You’ve Got a Friend in Me — Toy Story

Who doesn’t love “Toy Story”? If you want a movie about the importance of friendship and loyalty, this one will instantly come to mind — even if it is about toys! Everyone loves this song, and no matter how many years go by, it never falls out of favor.

5. How Far I'll Go — Moana

Moana is an adventurer at heart. Her protective father wants to keep her safe on her home island, but she feels the pull of the sea due to her heritage — she comes from a long line of explorers and has inherited their itchy feet. This song is about exploration, but it’s also about hidden potential, and how much we can all do if we challenge ourselves. It’s a song with a great message for kids, and it’s so catchy even you will be singing along.

6. Into the Unknown — Frozen 2

The long-awaited “Frozen 2” didn’t disappoint on the music front. There was a high bar with the success of “Let it Go,” but the writers and creative minds on “Frozen 2” didn’t shy away. Like “How Far I’ll Go,” this song explores the idea of exploring the unknown. Though Elsa is initially reluctant to rush into the unknown and another adventure, she eventually follows her instincts and curiosity. This song is another powerful ballad, and it became an instant hit.

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7. I Won’t Say (I’m in Love) — Hercules

In this song, Meg, the main female character, fights her feelings for Hercules. It’s a soulful, catchy song, and we couldn’t have a Disney playlist without mentioning it!

8. Reflection — Mulan

Many Disney movies are about characters fighting against convention, tradition, or expectations and becoming their real selves. It’s all a part of growing up and becoming confident in ourselves — an important message for children. This classic “Mulan” song explores how Mulan is constantly trying to act a part, but she never gets to be herself. It’s a powerful song, and there’s a reason kids everywhere love it.

9. Circle of Life — The Lion King

“The Lion King” has been avidly watched by kids since 1994. “The Circle of Life” is the first song of the movie, and it sets the scene, giving us a taste of what to expect. This song was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song the year the movie was released, and ever since, it’s been a favorite.

10. Kiss the Girl — The Little Mermaid

This song is our second selection from “The Little Mermaid,” but we couldn’t resist this tune, sung by Sebastian the Crab. As a calypso ballad, it’s unique for a Disney song. Perhaps, for this reason, it’s remained popular throughout the years.

11. Mother Knows Best — Tangled

This is a great song because it gives us a real insight into Rapunzel’s captor and her emotional manipulation. Real Disney fans will notice a parallel between this song and “The Hunchback of Notre Dame’s” “Out There.” Both songs feature a villain pretending to be a savior, protecting their ‘children’ from the evil outside world. This version is more modern and humorous at times, and kids love it.

12. Let It Go — Frozen

We don’t need to say much about this modern classic! Parents all over the world will be familiar with this tune, and they’ll have heard it at least a thousand times — and you’ll be hearing it a whole lot more now it’s on our Disney Spotify playlist!

13. Colors of the Wind — Pocahontas

“Colors of the Wind” was very much the “Let it Go” of 1995! And it’s aged really well. The song is all about acceptance and inclusivity of people of all races and backgrounds — and the importance of caring for the world around us.

14. Down in New Orleans — Princess and the Frog

This song was so well-loved it was nominated for Best Original Song at the 82nd Academy Awards. The song introduces the city and is the first full song of the movie, while also being the only one not sung by one of the characters.

15. The Bare Necessities — The Jungle Book

This song has been well-loved since 1968 and often features on “best of” Disney playlists. It encourages a real “back to basics” attitude in children, helping them to appreciate the small, but necessary, things in life and the reality that we don’t need most things — we just want them.

16. That’s How You Know — Enchanted

“Enchanted” is a live-action Disney movie — one of two live-action movies on this list. Fans love this movie because it takes the stereotypical Disney princess — one full of optimism, gratitude, love, and ambition — and places her in our world, where she has to navigate real people and real struggles. But she also has quite an influence on those around her, sometimes getting them to burst into spontaneous singing and dancing — and this song is a great example.

17. When She Loved Me — Toy Story 2

“Toy Story” has a habit of making us cry. But did you know this touching song even caused actors Tom Hanks and Tim Allen (who voiced Woody and Buzz) to have a bit of a sob. This is a really touching song that we couldn’t leave off this epic list.

Does your kid love the chilled, relaxed nature of this song? If you’re looking for relaxing sleep music, we have just the playlist for you.

18. He’s a Tramp — Lady and the Tramp

If you’re a fan of Peggy Lee, you’ll love this song — in fact, you’ll probably remember this from your childhood. “He’s a Tramp” is a classic and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The song has some real jazzy 20s vibes, and if you want to encourage variety in your children’s musical tastes, this is a great place to start.

19. I Know Things Now — Into the Woods

This is our second live-action Disney movie, and there are a lot of big hits in this movie that deserve a mention. This song is sung by the Red Riding Hood character. It tells a story of what she’s been through since she left her mother’s cottage and her adventure with the wolf.

20. Try Everything — Zootropolis

This is a song recorded by pop sensation Shakira for the 2016 Disney film “Zootropolis” (also known as Zootopia). It's first heard when Judy Hopps pops on her MP3 player on her journey to the big city to begin her adventure. Its positive, upbeat melody sets the scene for the whole film. It's a great song, and it definitely deserves a spot on this Disney playlist.

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